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SouthCare Animal Medical Center

Veterinary Resources

Not only do we work closely with our clients to provide the quality veterinary care they need, we also offer a wealth of information and tools that can be conveniently accessed via our online resources. We invite you to visit these pages to learn more about topics ranging from home pet care to how to find a lost pet. Each of them offers unique information that is routinely updated and can assist you in caring for your pet.

Have You Lost or Found a Pet?

If you have found a pet with no identification, please be sure to have them scanned for a microchip (a form of permanent identification that is injected underneath the skin). We would be happy to scan the pet for you here in our office. Just drop by during normal business hours or give us a call at (509) 448-4480 to request an appointment.

If you have lost your pet, be sure to notify your neighbors, area veterinarians, and all local shelters (view Shelters on our links page for a list of local shelters). We also recommend that you personally visit shelters at least every three days to check for your pet.

If your pet is microchipped, notify the chip registration company and be sure your information on file is current. Visit the American Animal Hospital Association’s (AAHA) universal microchip directory for information regarding the registry for any microchip’s number.