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SouthCare Animal Medical Center

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Drop-Off Appointments

SouthCare Animal Medical Center offers drop-off appointments to help accommodate your busy schedule. These appointments are available to current patients. If you have a new pet, or your family is new to SouthCare, we would like to meet you in person.

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What is a drop-off appointment and how can they help your family?

A drop-off appointment is when you leave your pet with us for an unspecified amount of time to be seen by the doctor.

One of the main fears you may have is that your pet will be put in a kennel and forgotten about. At SouthCare Animal Medical Center that is never the case! We have comfy blankets that we put down on the bottom of the kennel, they get a water bowl and let out to potty when needed. We like to have all pets within eye's watch if the space is available. 100% of the time that your pet is here as a drop-off appointment, there is a veterinary technician and/or assistant watching your pet and making sure your pet is getting taken care of. It's important to us that we prevent unnecessary barriers and instead find creative ways to make veterinary care more accessible for our clients without sacrificing patient care.

We’re able to see pets that are healthy, in need of an annual exam. We’re also able to accommodate pets that may be sick. For the sicker patients, it gives us the ability to monitor vitals, initiate IV fluid therapy or administer other medications that may be needed.

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What does this type of appointment look like?

The veterinarian will call you after we have completed a thorough physical examination and assessment of your pet. We will discuss our findings and recommendations over the phone. If your pet is ill, we will discuss how additional testing (blood work, x-rays, or ultrasound) may help us determine the problem. We will also discuss with you our recommendations regarding medications and other ways you can help to keep your pet healthy.

We will not perform any testing or treatments without giving you a treatment plan and getting your consent, therefore, it is essential that we be able to reach you by phone during the day. In some cases, we will preemptively get your approval for diagnostics- such as blood work or x-rays, which then improves our overall efficiency in-patient care.

These appointments are limited to the amount of space available to house your pets, and there is a boarding charge for your pet staying for the day.

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How to schedule this appointment:

If you wish to schedule your pet’s next appointment as a drop-off please let our friendly staff know this when scheduling. We suggest contacting us as soon as possible as our schedule may quickly fill up and, if needed, we have appropriate time for recommended treatments.

We would love to see your pet and help you address any concerns you may have while giving your family flexibility in scheduling. Please be aware that a drop-off appointment may not be the best option for your pet based on their symptoms. In these cases, we strongly encourage you to come in with your pet and speak to one of our doctors in person.

Ready to schedule your drop-off appointment? Call us at (509) 448-4480 today!