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From our in-house laboratory to our cat-friendly amenities there is no limit to the steps we have taken to ensure your pet will receive the care they need. Take a virtual tour of our facilities in Spokane and see for yourself why so many pet owners choose SouthCare.

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New Clients Welcome

We welcome you to come take a behind the scenes tour with our very own Dr. Benoit!

Are you curious about what your pet’s experience is like in the exam rooms and the treatment area? If you’re looking for a new veterinary facility for your pet, we would love to show you around! Every Wednesday from 1:30p-2p, Dr. Benoit will take you on a personal tour of our clinic. Please call and we can schedule you a tour now!

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Building Strong Relationships Through Quality Veterinary Care

Welcome to SouthCare Animal Medical Center, where we are proud to offer quality veterinary care for dogs, cats, and pockets pets in the South Hill region of Spokane, Washington. We are open six days a week for your convenience, and our veterinarians and staff are skilled in providing a wide range of general and advanced veterinary services, including dog and cat dental and emergency care, and even mobile house calls!

At SouthCare, our mission is to honor the relationships between pets and people by providing exceptional and compassionate veterinarian care for cats and dogs in Spokane. We strive each day to accomplish this by providing comprehensive and progressive veterinary care you can depend on.

SouthCare Animal Medical Center is a proud sponsor in the 'Rabies Free Africa' campaign with WSU.

Cat Friendly Practice

We're feline-friendly, and offer cats-only entrance and waiting areas to keep your kitty calm during appointment check-in.

Feline-Friendly Info

Tick Paralysis “Help! My dog can’t walk!”

Tick Paralysis What do you do when your dog suddenly becomes paralyzed? You search for the tick! Lola came in this morning tetraparetic, which means shes couldn’t move any of her legs. After locating and removing a tick Lola could walk again 6 hours later! Drs. Coulson and Benoit explain more about tick paralysis in […]

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