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SouthCare Animal Medical Center

Two cats hugging each other on a wooden floor

Cat Friendly Practice

Gold-Certified Cat Friendly Practice®

We understand the unique challenges you may face when bringing your kitten or cat in.

From a feline's sensitivity to unfamiliar sights and sounds to their susceptibility to stress and anxiety, many cat owners find the process of visiting a veterinary clinic a difficult one. To help assist our clients and to further our commitment to providing the best veterinary care possible (from cat dental to surgery to vaccinations) in Spokane and South Hill, we have recently been certified by the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) as a Cat Friendly Practice.

A white cat laying in a chair

What Does Being a Cat Friendly Practice Mean?

As a Gold-Certified Cat Friendly animal hospital, we offer many benefits, including:

  • A separate entrance and waiting area that are specially designed to help reduce stress

  • An overall calming environment for your kitten or cat

  • Staff members that use Feline-Friendly Handling Guidelines, and that have been specially trained to understand the unique needs of cats, including early signs of anxiety or distress

  • Offering individual care plans based on your cat’s specific health needs

  • Appropriate equipment, tools, and procedures for caring for your pet

To learn more about our certification as a Cat-friendly Veterinarian Practice, please read What Is A Cat Friendly Practice and the CFP Cat Owner Brochure. For more information on all of our feline care services, please visit our preventive care page.