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Friday September 28th is World Rabies Day

360 Video: Vaccinating Dogs to Eliminate Rabies

In Tanzania and other East African countries, Washington State University and their partners are working to eliminate rabies in humans by 2030 by vaccinating domestic dogs.

Join SouthCare in helping eliminate rabies by 2030. With every rabies vaccine that we give in the hospital, we donate $1 to the WSU Eliminate rabies campaign & Merck donates 1 vaccine to the Afya program.

The Search for the 2019 Calendar Models is On!

We're looking for our 2019 models for the Pets of SouthCare Calendar!

Please email your favorite pictures of your pets to before November 3rd to enter!

Please be sure all photos submitted are high resolution and include the model's name and the agent contact information. (That's you Mom & Dad!) We can't wait to see them all!