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We understand that facing the loss of a pet can be difficult, which is why we are here to assist you in choosing the options that are right for you and your pet.

Questions You May Be Facing

  • Should I pursue treatment for my pet? And if so, for how long?
  • Will my pet significantly benefit from treatment or suffer more?
  • Am I able to adequately care for my pet during this time?
  • When should I consider euthanasia?

While we understand that the answers to these questions and others related to them will vary depending on each owner and their pet, we are always here to provide guidance and assistance.

Our End-of-Life Care Options


We offer two euthanasia options:

  • Attended Euthanasia
    During attended euthanasia one or more family members can remain with your pet. We will place an IV catheter and an extension for the injection to allow you and your loved ones to hold and comfort your pet during their passing.
  • Unattended Euthanasia
    For clients who do not wish to be present during this procedure, we will admit your pet to our hospital and our doctors and staff will compassionately care for them.

What Are Your Options for Your Pet’s Remains with SouthCare?

  • Private cremation
    We can arrange a guaranteed individual cremation for your pet by Family Pet Memorial, and its remains will be placed in an urn and returned to you.
  • Communal cremation
    We can arrange a communal cremation in which NW Pet Cremation Services will cremate the remains and scatter the ashes on the Family Pet Memorial Gardens.
  • Pet cemetery burial
    Using this option we can make arrangements for your pet to be buried in a pet cemetery. We also utilize the services of Family Pet Memorial for this option.

Are You Currently Grieving the Loss of a Pet?

Have you recently suffered the loss of a pet? Please utilize the following resources to help you during this difficult time.