X-Rays and Diagnostic Imaging Help Us Diagnose and Treat Your Pet down arrow

Radiographs, more commonly referred to as digital x-rays, are one of the most important diagnostic tools we use in treating our pet clients. They provide us with an excellent, noninvasive way to diagnose injuries and illnesses ranging from bone fractures and reproductive problems to foreign body ingestion and bladder stones.

How Do Radiographs Work?

Taking digital radiographs is a pain-free and relatively low-cost process that can typically be performed on most pets without the use of sedatives. In the event your pet is prone to stress or has difficulty relaxing, a sedative or anesthesia may be administered. In addition to producing images faster and more clearly, digital x-rays also minimize your pet’s exposure to harmful doses of radiation.

Each of our digital radiographs are reviewed and evaluated by a board-certified veterinary radiologist from Inland Empire Veterinary Imaging. In addition, we also refer clients who are in need of echocardiograms and ultrasounds to the radiologists of Inland. We value their experience and training in performing and interpreting these exams, and feel utilizing their expertise is the best option and value for our pet patients needing these procedures.

Dental Digital X-rays

We also use digital x-rays during dental examinations. Digital x-rays allow us to obtain detailed views of areas of the mouth we cannot otherwise examine.